• Premium quality with a precision fit
  • Available for a wide range of vehicles
  • Simple to install

Boot Mats for Ford

Ford boot mat liners are the perfect way to ensure that your Ford car stays in great condition. Protecting the interior of your car can often prove to be time consuming. However, by fitting one of these handy protective mats you will avoid any damage from spills or scratches. Ford is one of the most well-known and popular car manufacturers and here at Travall we offer a range of Ford boot mat liners to fit an extensive selection of makes and models.

Ensuring that your car interior is kept clean and tidy is a task that many find daunting, especially those with pets. Transporting your pet in your car often leads to odours and spills therefore it is vital that your interior is protected. The mats are easy to clean and combat odours quickly and effectively, making them the perfect addition to any pet lover’s car especially when combined with Ford dog guards.

The Ford boot mats are designed specifically to fit each vehicle and offer a secure fit whilst driving. The solid rubber construction provides both flexibility and durability with a fantastic anti-slip design. One spill could ruin your whole car interior therefore it is always best to be prepared and what better way than with a Ford boot mat liner?

If you want to spend more time enjoying driving your Ford car and less time worrying about the damage caused to your interior, a Ford boot mat liner is the perfect way to provide peace of mind. Those looking for a wider range of Ford car accessories will find everything they need right here at Travall.