• Premium quality with a precision fit
  • Available for a wide range of vehicles
  • Simple to install

Rubber Mats for Smart

The advantages of installing Smart rubber car mats from Travall into your Smart car are clear. Not only will you be fully protected from the everyday grime that can end up in your vehicle, to say nothing of spilt liquids and dirty rainwater, but you’ll benefit from owning a quality product that’s built to last from 100% natural rubber. It’s certainly tough, but extremely light too. So you’ll have no trouble installing and removing it when it needs cleaning. The fact that it has been designed specifically for your Smart car, and no other model, also makes fitting simple too. And you can be sure it will blend in perfectly with the interior of your vehicle.

With its raised outer rim, it will guard against things like muddy shoes or debris such as road salt and sand. But it’s going to make your car smell fresh too. That’s because we’ve impregnated the rubber with the pleasant and long-lasting scent of vanilla. Whatever the weather outside, you’ll know that the inside of your Smart car is protected. When it does come to cleaning, all you have to do is give the mats a good shake and wipe down with a wet cloth. If you’ve got access to a garden hose, so much the better.

Our Smart rubber car mats are produced using the very latest technology from the best available materials. As an added bonus, because the shape has been created for your particular model, you are able to fit the mat using your car’s existing fixing points using the custom-made clips that come with every order.